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Häst is a professional service corporation dedicated to the needs of rescue personnel.  Client driven, our top priority is safety.  Failure  of equipment during a rescue is simply not an option.  Much care and consideration has been given to every detail.  And while we have established products, we constantly strive towards improvements on each and every detail.  Interest in our products comes from all over the world.  To see our sales in slings, water rescue harnesses, rescue straps, rescue frames, and component sales, click on this link for a detailed list by country and state:   Product Distribution

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Becker Sling featured in Kyle Zanetti Trailers.

When Kyle Zanetti was designing their new ambulance, after considerable
 research, they decided to use a Becker Sling in their trailer.  They designed
 their top rails and hoist system to specifically interface with the spread bar.

For more information, click on:
New!  Our slings and pads are now colour coded!   
This makes replacement of the pads a snap.

Now standard is an abrasion resistant material in the eye of the loop.
Check out the colour selection on the Straps page.
Häst Rescue Frames

After months of hard work, we are very proud to announce that the Häst Rescue Frame is now a reality!   Looking for something suitable that was heavy to demonstrate its capabilities, the family car took one for the team!  Simple in design and use, this frame showed no stress at all in taking on this load.  Made entirely of aluminum, the frame should give your agency years of reliable service for those rescues where a vertical lift is required.

There are three frames available: A Monopod, Bipod, and Tripod.
Both the Bipod and the Tripod will be available in 5 different "stances", ranging
from the wide stance Model 24 shown to the left to a narrow Model 16 if your
 typical environment has space limitations.  The choice is yours!

Click here for more information on the Häst Rescue Frames.
Becker Sling

Developed in 2004, the Becker Sling has been the flagship of our rescue equipment.  The design originated from one used by Tomas and Rebecca Gimenez in their technical large animal rescue instruction courses.  Subsequently, the design was enhanced with the addition of tactical D rings along the body and chest webbings for the use of tag lines during a rescue.  In addition, the spread bar was strengthened and tested  and was found to withstand a load of 21,600 pounds before failure.  To our knowledge, no other sling on the market carries these ratings.  Durable custom marine vinyl pads are also made at our facility which make the lifting process very comfortable on the animal.  Many of the aspects of the Becker Sling have undergone a complete upgrade or revision as of 2013.  As soon as we can get our own horse model, we will be upgrading the picture to the right as well.

We are now offering the Becker Sling Retrofit Kit for agencies who purchased
a Becker Sling prior to 2013.  Click below for more information and pricing.

For more information and to order:  Becker Sling
Photograph courtesy Milton Roundup, Milton Georgia

Note:  Our horse model Majestic II is smaller and much thinner
than an average horse.  The Häst Water Rescue Harness will
fit a very large range of horses up to very large draft breeds.

Water Rescue Harness

Several years ago we received a call from a horse facility with a water treadmill.  They had suffered an accident with a horse that turned itself upside down in the water.  They had no easy means of rescue.  Fortunately, they were able to drain the water quickly so that the horse did not drown.  From that request, the water rescue harness was conceived.  It can be used prior to swimming a horse or during a water rescue.  The unit is designed to be placed on the horse much like a driving surcingle and has closed cell foam so that it will float!

For many years, we have supplied Version 1.0 which as been successful.  However, due to our new capabilities, the water rescue harness has undergone a complete revision with a new chest float and quick release catches on both the chest float and girth for quick extraction if the need were to arise.  This latest design is designated Version 2.3 and should fit any sized animal with a wide amount of adjustability.

For more information and to order:  Water Rescue Harness
 Rescue Straps

 One of our new rescue products is a complete line of rescue straps.  These can be made in either
4 inch wide webbing or 6 inch webbing, depending upon your application.  Our nylon is soft and supple,
making it very comfortable for the patient.  The price on this strap is quite affordable and can
easily be included into your order for a Becker Sling.  Since it can be shipped and stored in the same container, no additional shipping fees are needed.   Rescue straps are one of those "must have" pieces of equipment that one should be in every rescue cache.  For sizes and pricing go to  Rescue Straps.

We would like to announce the newest member of our team!!  "Majestic" arrived
in mid September just before we left for the Conference in Virginia Beach of the
Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads.  There, he was a hit demonstrating
the new Rescue Frame and Becker Sling.  His new position here at Häst is to model
new and existing equipment and help us produce some training videos for our
equipment in the future.  Named in honour after my beloved horse of 26 years,
he is currently standing in the front yard as an attraction to the passers by.
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